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8 Popular Gwinnett County Dog Parks

According to Anna O’Brien, DVM (16 Important Things to Know About Getting a Puppy, BuzzFeed, November 17, 2015), your puppy needs a social life and entertainment, after vaccinations, of course.  Fortunately, there are several dog parks available here in Gwinnett County that accompany wide, well lit sidewalks and award winning parks that will surely give pooches and their humans a good, safe and sound work out.  

Now you silent readers out there already know that every square mile of Gwinnett County is served by a high school.  So if one or more of your family members is furry and walks on fours when they're sober, consider looking at properties near these schools.
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See the 12 Gwinnett County Dog Parks

Please write for information on local veterinarians, pet stores and other pet accommodations by high school area.

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