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10 Items that Make a Dorm Room like Home

The Georgia Tax Holiday that we once enjoyed as residents of the Peach State is a distant memory, taken over, it seems, by something called Amazon Prime Day.  The deliverables, however, for those of us with new college freshman remain regardless.  We've got to get this kid ready for the next chapter and do everything possible to create an environment that places success within reach.  But there's so much to be done.  During this "prime" season of back-to-school, this list of suggested products that might be worth consideration when easing your freshman into college life.   


Dorm mattresses are often sized twin XL, so you'll want to invest in a good antibacterial mattress cover, comfy mattress topper, sheets and comforter.


Folding Chair

Folding chairs are easily stored under a bed and can be easily set up for personal use or entertaining friends.


Chair Covers

Add some design touches with chair covers that also offer protection from old dorm room chairs.


Room Fan

Dorm room comfort to one occupant may differ from that of another.  And knowing the location of one's room, the light exposure and potential swings in outdoor temperatures are all often unknown at the beginning of one's college journey.   Consider a clip-on fan that makes efficient use of room space, or rather lack thereof.



Building age and maintenance vary and may contribute to room moisture, odors and other undesirable conditions.  A humidifier may be just the right tool to correct some of the bad air and restore comfort.


Ultra-slim Hangers

Skinny hangers take up less space than others and allow for more clothing storage in tight dorm closets.  Some offer a textured surface that keep expensive Tees in place and off of the dorm room floor. 


Storage Bags

Storage bags can be an invaluable part of dorm life, serving either as a laundry carrier or storage space for snacks, clothing, towels and more. 


Beverage Maker

A low-profile, single-cup beverage maker can be a fine addition to the dorm, providing easy access to coffee, tea, soups and more. 


Book Light

A light that brightens a small area over a book, laptop or notepad is a convenient way to get things done while keeping roommate disturbances to a minimum.


Noise-cancelling Headphones

Your student can use the right noise cancelling headphones to personally bring peace to an otherwise noisy room and get things done.

This is certainly not a complete list and has little to do with Gwinnett County specifically (the site earns a small commission whenever anyone buys using a link above or an ad on the right), but may offer some ideas on how to make one's dorm room feel a little more like home.  In addition to multiple thrift stores, the retail landscape includes 12 Walmart Super Centers, two Ollie's Bargain Outlets, five Targets, four Kohl's, three Sam's Clubs, two Costco Wholesale Stores, three Bed, Bath & Beyond stores and four shopping malls, so we're sure to find everything to address our needs.  We'll likely have to pay sales taxes, but Amazon Prime Days, the online coupon sites and other resources available both now and later might just make preparing our college students for success along the path ahead more affordable.