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About us

Thank you for visiting with The Gwinnett Home Pages. As the header suggests, providing lifestyle and other content that satisfies the requirements of those who are considering a relocation into our charming Northeast Metro Atlanta County is the ongoing mission of this site.  Read about the county, the award-winning educational opportunities, libraries, parks and recreation resources that residents enjoy.  Learn about the transit systems, how to get established and more, all from the viewpoint of a local citizen who has enjoyed life in Gwinnett County, Georgia since 2005.

Solomon Greene, Owner
The Gwinnett Home Pages is not affiliated in anyway with the government, public schools, parks & recreation, libraries nor any other department of Gwinnett County, Georgia.  This site is owned and operated by Solomon Greene, a parent, homeowner, and neighbor who has moved 15 times around the United States.   Opinions (rare if expressed at all) are those of Mr. Greene alone.  None of the information found here, while deemed reliable, is guaranteed and readers are strongly urged to conduct further, independent research.  

Why bother with the Gwinnett Home Pages?  What's the point?

The glossy magazines about Gwinnett County provide information on private schools and other entities that pay for their limited ad space.  Further, the school system sites cover information about their schools, Gwinnett County Parks about their parks, the city sites about their cities, the county site about county-related info and so on.  An informed decision about the quality of life in Gwinnett County is best made, however, when all of the information is curated in one place rather than in media that serves the interests of the provider.  This site, The Gwinnett Home Pages, endeavors to merge all of the information into one source, list all of the accredited private schools and all of the entities that may matter to those considering a move into Gwinnett County.

FTC Disclosure:

These pages contain references to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on the links to those products and services.  It does not affect the price that a reader pays for such goods and services, but does help us provide the best unbiased local information at no cost to the reader.